Summer 2009 Conference

Friday-Sunday, 7th-9th August 2009, Birmingham, England

UKUUG is the UK's Open Systems Group and the Summer Conference is the highlight of our year. It brings together Free Libre and Open Source Software developers, professionals and users and writers from all over the UK and Europe to share knowledge and discuss the latest trends in Free Software.


Canal near Conservatoire Photo by Ted Leung The Conservatoire, Birmingham City University, B3 3HG, England.

The Conservatoire is in the centre of Britain's Second City within walking distance of major train and coach stations, and hotels at all price ranges.


An exciting programme, with an optional full day of tutorials on Friday 7th August, followed by two days of Conference on Saturday 8th August and Sunday 9th August. Here is the Talks Schedule.

Council members' contact details at the conference

You can contact the UKUUG council members on the following numbers during the conference:

[Details removed by Niall Mansfield, 10-Aug-2009, i.e. day after conference.]

More Information

For more information or to make a booking, speak to Jane Morrison, email office AT ukuug DOT org or phone +44 (0)1763 273 475

A4 Conference Flier

A5 Conference Flier

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